Judy Schrock

Judy serves as Board Chairman. She is a charter member of the Foundation. Judy is passionate about what our Foundation stands for and what it can do for our community.


Kristi Molz

Kristi serves as Foundation Vice-Chairman. Kristi is an active community member and is also a charter member of the Foundation.

Janet Robison

Janet serves as Secretary for the Foundation. She believes in our community and wants to see it grow. Janet is a charter member of the Foundation, as well.

James Parker

James serves as Treasurer for the Foundation. James also serves on the Kiowa District Healthcare Board and is a pharmacist at Kiowa Prescriptions Plus.

Donna Williams

Donna serves as Board Member at large. She is a Kiowa business owner, community supporter and volunteer, excited to see our community grow and develop.

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1002 S. 4th St, P.O. Box 184 | Kiowa, KS 67070

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